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Saving Fuel,- Increase Your Profit

"GuardMagic fuel saving system" is repaid  in 3-6 weeks, primarily due to fuel theft (drain) and fuel fraud decrease. In practice, this means ...

     Fuel Usage and Fuel Consumption Monitoring/ Introduction

Fuel monitoring system. Fuel saving system

Fuel (Gas) pricing growing and growing and reaching record levels.
Yours vehicle fleet (special machinery) require more and more money on fuel costs. Your earnings slowly, but steadily declining.
You do not have the opportunity to influence the growth of fuel prices, but to reduce the cost of fuel consumption is in your best.

This decision is quite simple: full control over the use of your fuel and lower transaction costs than the rational use of fuels.

"GuardMagic fuel saving system" is recompenced in 3-6 weeks, primarily due to fuel theft (drain) and fuel fraud decrease.
In real practice, that means:
For example, vehicle fleet consist of 200 trucks.
Using "GuardMagic fuel control system" will allow you for the period 2-3 month increase your fleet at one "Actros".
The possibility of such truck fleet increasing will happen only by termination of fuel fraud.

Think. Do you want every three month to lose or present to anybody a one new "Actros"?

Saving Fuel,- Increase Your Profit

  The main types of losses your money:
  • fuel drain from the transport (special machinery) fuel tank. Fuel fraud, fuel theft;
  • partial fuelling - in fueling station. One part of fuel volume in to the tank of your vehicle, other - to the other car. Fuel fraud, fuel theft;
  • use of your transport for private purposes (not on your target). Trip fraud;
  • not the best driving directions and traffic parameters.

It means that in general you will need to have the information about fuel drain, partial fuelling, real fuel consumption and real trip of your vehicle and movement parameters.

In general Fuel Monitoring System consist of the next three main components:
  • fuel level sensor (special analog or digital fuel level sensor);
  • special device for storing data from fuel level sensor (fuel data logger);
  • Personal Computer with special fuel monitoring software for storing all data and analyzing it.

Main System Components

"Off-Line GPS" and "GPS & Fuel" Monitoring





GuardMagic mTF module

SmartTracer - GPS and Fuel monitoring software

SmartTracer Softare


GuardMagic fuel monitoring and analyzing system in a full automatically mode, "day & night" collects and stores detailed information about fuel tank contents and fuel usage. 
Our special modern "Fuel & GPS Data Logger" GuardMagic mTF series will allow to collect all this data for future analyzes.
In additional GuardMagic mTF allow:
- to collect information about active driver;
- to prevent unauthorized use of transport.


The special monitoring software collect all this data from your vehicle fleet and generate the series of special reports that allow you to see the real detailed pictures of your vehicle activity and fuel usage.
more information (some samples):
about Fuel Fraud
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