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Fuel monitoring system. Fuel saving system


"GuardMagic fuel saving system" is repaid  in 3-6 weeks, primarily due to fuel theft (drain) and fuel fraud decrease. In practice, this means ...


      Vehicle Multifunction GPS-GPRS Monitoring / GuardMagic VB5 in system
GuardMagic VB5 is a special tanker-truck GPS/ GSM-GPRS module dedicated to use on tanker-truck application.  
Module is intended for remote monitoring fuel level in compartments of fuel trailer (semi-trailer), remote supervision of tanker-truck movement, monitoring of tractor (track) fuel consumption and tanker-truck status.
Module supports up to THREE regular fuel tanks and up to  ELEVEN cargo tanks (cargo compartments).
GuardMagic VB5 is a special module for the road fuel tanker application.
(GuardMagic VB5 modules support GuardMagic universal communication protocol that's allow to have different GuardMagic modules with different functionality in one system).

GuardMagic VB5connection:
  • Main power supply (DC power 12/24 V);
  • Reserve external battery (12V);
  • GPS antenna-receiver (from complete set);
  • Ignition circuit;
  • Up to THREE fuel level sensors in regular tanks with digital industrial communication bus (RS-485);
  • Up to ELEVEN fuel level sensor in cargo fuel tank compartments (digital interface RS 485);
  • Up to SEVEN digital temperature sensors;
  • Driver identification reader;
  • “PANIC” (SOS) Button;
  • “EVENT” Button;
  • Car (Vehicle) alarm system;
  • “Engine Overheat” circuit (overheat sensor);
  • Crash sensor (one or three levels);
  • Regular fuel tank empty circuit;
  • Customer logical sensor;
  • Engine start blocking relay.
GuardMagic VB5 provides to immediate transmitting or storing in internal non-volatile memory and posterior transmitting the following information:
  • GPS track of tanker-truck (geographical coordinates);
  • GPS parameters of movement (speed, time);
  • Fuel level in fuel cargo compartments (Fuel history up to ELEVEN tanks or compartments);
  • Fuel level in regular fuel tanks (Fuel history up to THREE tanks)*;
  • Data from temperature or humidity sensors (temperature history up to SEVEN sensors);
  • Active driver identification number (Driver ID)*;
  • Panic signal;
  • Engine overheat*;
  • Road accident*;
  • Car Alarm activation*;
  • Attempt to theft;
  • Engine status;
  • Fuel Tank Empty;
  • Status of external logical circuits (logical input, “Event Button”).
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