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Fuel monitoring system. Fuel saving system


"GuardMagic fuel saving system" is repaid  in 3-6 weeks, primarily due to fuel theft (drain) and fuel fraud decrease. In practice, this means ...


      Vehicle Multifunction GPS-GPRS Monitoring / WEB based GPS vehicle monotoring
WEB based GPS vehicle monitoring system give you 24-hour secure access to all your vehicle or special machinery, tracking, reporting and management information, from any PC in any part of the world.
WEB based system does NOT require any software installation or any your support of system operation. The only requisite is a computer with internet access.
WEB based system allows for real time tracking of each vehicle’s movements, status of vehicle, fuel consumption and activity records. The system is easy to use and will assist you in incrementing productivity and efficiency and reducing costs.
WEB based GPS vehicle monitoring system is ideal for companies that need non-stop monitoring and management of their vehicle fleet, and efficient planning. Specially suited to:
  • National and International Logistic Companies;
  • Courier and Shipping Companies;
  • Construction Companies;
  • Fuel Transportation Companies;
  • Companies that carry out Special Shipments (high volume, high value, hazardous, etc);
  • Security Agencies;
  • Companies that have its own or rent vehicle or special machinery.

In Full Automatic Mode Monitoring:

  • 365 Days per Year;
  • 24 Hours per Day;
  • All Countries in World;
  • Storage All Data;
  • Not Needed Any Your Support.
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GuardMagic VB serie

GuardMagic Vehicle GPS-GSM/GPRS modules serie

Vehicle GPS-GSM/GPRS modules



GPS-GPRS Monitoring gives you detailed information about your fleet and allows to:

  • control the location of your vehicle and/or special machinery in real-time;
  • control the trip parameters of your vehicles;
  • control the trip distance;
  • display the location of your vehicles and/or special machinery;
  • control the vehicle and special machinery utilization (working hours);
  • control the activity of vehicles and machinery;
  • control fuel consumption;
  • control the working days of drivers or operators, their activities and each working steps;
  • prevent non authorized use of vehicle and special machinery;
  • other key operation parameters.

The Monitoring and Fleet Management system can be integrated with:

  • an emergency SMS or e-mail to notify of excess speed, malfunction, theft, etc;
  • an operations room to coordinate emergency assistance and intervention.
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