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                Fuel Saving
 Control Fuel Consumption

Fuel monitoring system. Fuel saving system


"GuardMagic fuel saving system" is repaid  in 3-6 weeks, primarily due to fuel theft (drain) and fuel fraud decrease. In practice, this means ...


   Vehicle Multifunction GPS-GPRS Monitoring / Benefits (brief)
GuardMagic GPS-GPRS vehicle monitoring.      

      1. In general:

  • remote wireless vehicle monitoring;
  • data transmitting by GSM-GPRS network;
  • monitoring: vehicles, fuel, temperature, drivers, external sensors;
  • real time  monitoring vehicle location and parameters of movement;
  • real time monitoring fuel level in vehicle regular tanks (cargo tanks);
  • multi tank monitoring;
  • real time temperature monitoring;
  • real time monitoring status of additional external sensors ;
  • universal data communication protocol;
  • different types of modules (with different functionality) in one system;
  • intelligent data packing;
  • worldwide cover operation;
  • comfortable system building; 
  • potential for system functionality growing. 



      2. Module:

  • possibility of hidden installation;
  • installation on any type of transport (truck, lorry, car, road tanker, combine, tractor, bulldozer, building technics etc.);
  • in full automatic mode collect, immediate transmit to monitoring station or store in internal non-volatile memory and posterior transmit to monitoring station information about vehicle location, parameters of vehicle moving, status of external sensors;
  • GPS monitoring (location, speed);
  • multi tank monitoring;
  • independently fuel tank monitoring from 2 tanks and up to 14 fuel tanks (depend of module type);
  • connection to fuel sensor with analog or digital interface (depend of module type);
  • "fuel resolution" 1024 levels or 4096 levels;
  • connection to additional circuits, sensors and monitoring;
  • driver identification function;
  • vehicle protection function;
  • two main operation mode: vehicle, special machinery;
  • easy fuel tank calibration procedure;
  • temperature monitoring (depend of module type);
  • 230 000 records in internal non-volatile memory;
  • power supply 12 /24 volts;
  • possibility to connect to reserve battery;
  • easy installation and easy operation.


GuardMagic VB modules serie



      3. Monitoring software (service) allow:

  • check the current location of vehicle;
  • check location of your vehicle fleet;
  • check the whole track of the transport movement and the optimality of route;
  • check parameters of movement and real run of transport;
  • remote check fuel level in each vehicle regular fuel tank;
  • check real fuel consumption;
  • check up volume of fueled fuel and determine the fact of fuel drain;
  • personalize the active driver;
  • determine start/end of loading/unloading of a vehicle;
  • check the use of working hours;
  • check the visited points;
  • check the performance of the job or analyze the reason of job failure;
  • generate reports and graphs about vehicles and driver activity.



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